Are you looking for installing plantation shutters in Melbourne 

Plantation shutters look stunning, can control light, upgrade the privacy of your home or office and they strike a balance between budget and aesthetics for typical homeowners and most important of all – they will suit any décor! 

Global Roller Shutters are premier installers of plantation shutters in Melbourne and we have a wide collection of plantation shutters that will transform the windows in your home or office. Our shutters are of the highest quality, come in several colours for your choosing and can be made to fit any window and door size. 



9 Reasons Why You Need Plantation Shutters


1.They provide privacy, security and adequate ventilation. 

The most popular feature of these shutters is the fact that you have your privacy under control. Unlike blinds or drapes, where your only option is to completely close them resulting a

full block out at the cost of poor or no air circulation. Plantation shutters are different – even when partially closed the thickness of the shutter blades will block out peering eyes and reduce the outdoor noise to an extent, without compromising the light and a good air circulation. 

Shutters also add another layer of security against break ins through windows and doors. An integrated locking mechanism will ensure that the shutters remain closed when you are away. 

2. They increase the energy efficiency of your home or office. 

Plantation shutters can have a positive impact on your energy consumption. During cold winters, you can let in the warmth of the sun by opening the shutters and keep them closed to keep away the sun’s heat during the summer months. 

3. Plantation shutters add value to your home.  

Adding plantation shutters to your home can instantly increase the value of your property, if you are trying to sell your home. Plantation shutters are always treated as a classic and are a popular hit amongst most buyers. They make a really good impression to prospective buyers which may result in the house being sold faster. You could easily recover the price of your investment on the shutters, when you sell out your home. 

4. Provide that chic and clean look to compliment both traditional and contemporary window styles. 

Plantation shutters come in a wide selection of styles that will suit any decor. They look really attractive and bring out the best of a room. Even the way you can control the light coming in will make a difference. You can highlight portions of your room or furniture and dim out the rest, unlike drapes or curtains which only tend to open or close in a similar fashion. 

5. Very easy to maintain, clean and replaceable. 

Cleaning your plantation shutters is a breeze. Unlike drapes or curtains, you don’t need to take anything out and hang them back when you are done cleaning. All you need is a damp cloth to wipe the blades when it gets dirty. 

Your shutter blades are changeable, you’ll never need to purchase new ones – just replace them if you desire a change of colour or style. You’ll never need to purchase new shutters again. 

6. Easily adjustable for letting in light. 

Since the angle of the louvers can be controlled, you can always create a bright ambience while cutting out the harmful sun’s UV rays from entering the room. UV rays can discolour and fade practically anything it comes in contact with such as your priceless furniture, carpets and other sensitive decor. 

7. Durable.

Our plantation shutters will last you a lifetime. Unlike curtains which need to be replaced after every few years, our shutters do not fade because of their age or the harmful rays, instead they will look and feel new for years to come. The materials used in these shutters are strong and durable and are resistant to bowing or warping. 

The durability of the plantation shutters can be accredited to the materials used which ranges from wood, aluminium to the most popular one – PVC. PVC is the most preferred option because of its resemblance to wood and comes at an affordable cost. PVC shutters can be coated to suit any decor and is deterrent to warping, peeling and flaking even in humid conditions. 

8. Reduced insurance costs.

Installing plantation shutters help reduce insurance costs. Many insurance companies offer discounts for the same. These shutters aim to deter burglaries, thereby reducing the insurance premiums. 

9. Protection for your windows.

Windows can easily break during storms. This would consequently make the interior of your home or business vulnerable to damage. Shattered windows can let in storm water and this can lead to expensive repairs. 


How Much Do Plantation Shutters Cost? 

There are several factors that affect the total cost of your plantation shutter installation. 

Here are a few: 

  1. Size of the windows
    2. Material used (PVC, Timber etc)
    3. Number of windows that need shutters 
    4. Size of the shutter blades. 
    5. Colour of the shutters in some cases. 


Why Chose Global Roller Shutters? 

With over 20 years of installation experience, our friendly team at Global roller shutters is with you through all stages of the install from start to finish. Our team consists of highly trained installers and an experienced administration.  

We believe in transparent pricing, which means that there will be no surprises or hidden costs when you receive your quote.  

At Global Roller Shutters, we are pretty confident that our industry leading pricing means that you will enjoy that beautiful set of plantation shutters without paying too much or without compromising quality. Take advantage of our free measure and quote service today. 

We will always go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied with our product, service and installation. Our customers and their satisfaction are our number one priority. So why wait? Give us a call today. 

If you are looking for that additional security for your home or office, we also manufacture, supply and install roller shutters in your area. 


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