Roller Shutters

Providing options in both electric and manually-operated roller shutters, Global Roller Shutters has the range and custom-built flexibility to suit any need or budget. Using high-quality materials, our products are made to stand the test of time, offering durability, privacy and security for households and commercial properties like shop fronts, factories, sporting clubs & more.

Global Roller Shutters – Melbourne Top-Rated Suppliers & Installers
The modern roller shutters that Global Roller Shutters have on offer lead the market when it comes to competitively-priced quality. Having long-lasting durability, our roller shutters are the ideal security measure to safeguard your property, be it your own home or your business premises.

Roller Shutters Melbourne

Roller shutters can work across a range of domestic, industrial and commercial applications. Fully customisable, we can build them to fit the exact size and shape you need, ensuring an easy installation no matter what type of property you’ve got. We supply roller shutters for factories, sporting clubs, shop fronts & any other commercial need.

Interested In Modern Roller Shutters?
We have a wide range of colours and designs available, meaning that you can find a roller shutter that’s perfectly suited to your aesthetic, functional and operational needs. For example – do you want a manually-operated roller shutter or a remote controlled one? What colour roller shutter do you want? Global Roller Shutters is happy to offer the flexibility you need to tailor your ideal installation. Our helpful and experienced team are always on-hand to discuss our range and offer design advice and guidance.

So, if you’re looking for the roller shutters that can accommodate your security needs and your style preferences, call Global Roller Shutters today. Our prices are affordable, our services are efficient and our products are built with long-lasting quality.

What can roller shutters do for you?

  • Provide security and privacy
  • Sustains room temperature and protects furnishings
  • controls the amount of light in a room
  • protects windows
  • deters break-ins
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